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Help in the Kitchen When You Need It!

As so many of us are trying to keep our distance from others and adapt to the new (albeit temporary) reality of working from home and having children off from school, I wanted to offer a bit of help in the kitchen. I am departing from the normal weekly Cooking Tip for this purpose.

First, I have written an article entitled “Great Tips to Improve Your Cooking.” You can find this free download on the Home Page of this website. It has tons of great tips to help you improve your cooking skills, produce great meals and have fun doing it.

To thank you for downloading it, I am offering $25 off a future cooking class. This can be done in the form of a gift card to be redeemed when we are all able to gather again. I can understand not wanting to meet in person right now. If anyone is interested in cooking instruction done via an alternate way such as telephone, email or even video, let me know and we can discuss how that might happen.

With the current situation, we all have an added incentive to cook at home. If you find yourself with a bit more time to cook, let me share an excellent recipe. This is from Cooking Light. It is a wonderfully flavorful and healthy dish called Mediterranean Chicken and Bulgur Skillet. It is a one-pan dish that is a meal in itself. It is also a great way to try bulgur if you have never tried it before. The dish does call for kale but I swapped this out for some fresh chard from my husband’s greenhouse garden. It was a quite yummy swap. It is easy to make, is filling, is healthy and is delicious. What more can you want? Let me know if you try it.

If you are indeed finding you have more time in the kitchen, you may want to make larger batches of meals that freeze well. I find this so helpful on those busy days when I have no time (or desire) to cook an evening meal. Why not try cooking or baking something you do not normally make? Perhaps some wonderful homemade bread. Maybe a special dessert when everyone is about to go stir crazy. Get the kids involved and make your own pasta or pizza dough.

There are so many ideas. Please let me know if I can help you during these trying times. Let’s all stay strong, help each other and maintain our faith. This will pass and the sun will shine on the other side!