• Too busy to attend a cooking class?
  • Cooking classes don’t address your cooking needs?
  • Have you never cooked & are you wondering if you can learn to make delicious & nutritious meals?

Culinary Journeys comes to your home, at your convenience, customizing classes according to your needs. We cater to your convenience.

All you need to do is to open up your kitchen and provide as many friends and/or family members as your kitchen can comfortably hold. Together we will decide on the topic. I will do the shopping for you. I will also bring any tools, pots/pans or gadgets that you don’t have in your kitchen.

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Free Download of Recipes from SSPR Healthy Living Expo

The type of class depends on your interest, for example:

  • Basic cooking and knife skills, which will streamline and improve your cooking of any meal.

  • Ethnic meals such as Thai, Mexican and Italian.

  • Baking: how to make bread, muffins or even croissants.

  • And more.

Perhaps you are an activity director for a senior living, assisted living or recreational facility. Depending on your needs and your particular facility, I can provide either demonstration or hands-on classes for your clients.

Each class is individually priced depending on the topic, the ingredients and the length of the class. Please use the Contact Me form for more information. I look forward to speaking with you and helping you be the best cook you can be!