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Cosmic Crisp — A New Apple in Town

There is a new apple in town — the Cosmic Crisp — and I wanted to let everyone know about this apple that has just arrived in our supermarkets.

Cosmic Crisp Apple – photo courtesy of Proprietary Variety Management

After 20 years of study and research by Washington State University, the Cosmic Crisp apple is being launched. it is a cross between an Enterprise and Honeycrisp. The “Cosmic” part of the name comes from the white “lenticels” all over the outside and the “Crisp” hearkens back to one of its parents — the Honeycrisp.

The developers describe its texture as very firm and crisp. They claim it has naturally high levels of acidity and sugar, making it an exceptional eating apple. They say this characteristic allows cooks to reduce the sugar in recipes using this apple. The high acidity also means it is slow to brown.

I just purchased some and I must say both my husband and I really enjoyed them. They are, indeed, a crisp apple and had a delightful flavor. So many apples today seem to lack much flavor. This is not true for the Cosmic Crisp.

They are not to everyone’s liking, though. One of my wonderful readers shared that they were not going to be a favorite of hers. (Thank you, Jana, for sharing with us!) What about you? I urge you to give them a try and tell me what you think. I would absolutely love to hear from you with your opinion on this new breed of apple. Email me with your thoughts.